Budgeting and Billing



We provide estimates at no-charge to help you make fiscally responsible decisions.  Our estimates should not be used as a firm or final budget.

Estimate request

To request your estimate

  1. Submit an online service request
  2. Answer Yes to the question Is this an estimate request?
  3. You will have 60 days to approve or deny the estimate

Approved estimates 

If your estimate is approved, we will create a work order using the account number you provided

Denied estimates

If your estimate is denied, we will cancel your work request. 


We maintain facilities and landscapes used by academic or administrative departments that are supported by the university's general fund.  This includes most permanent facilities of the main campus.  Facilities with other funding sources, such as grants or self-supporting enterprises, are not IPF funded service areas. 

Facilities excluded from IPF funding

  • Residence Halls
  • Intercollegiate athletic facilities
  • Medical clinics
Items funded by IPF
Plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation
Interior and exterior of buildings
Electrical repairs of all types including primary and secondary systems
Hardware, locks, keys, closers
Utility distribution systems inside buildings — electrical, heating, process steam, water lines, gas lines and sewer lines (storm and sanitary)
General cleaning
Floors, refinished (annually, as needed)
Carpets, cleaned (annually, as needed)
Landscape maintenance (mowing, pruning, mulching, etc.  Not including installation or plant replacements)
Snow and ice removal
Maintenance of surfaces such as roads, bridges, sidewalks, building entrances, bike paths, and terraces, as well as the upkeep of parking lots and ramps
Items NOT funded by IPF
Through-wall or window air conditioners
Laboratories and associated equipment and related utility piping
Inventoried equipment
Carpeting and draperies
Distilled water systems
Compressed air systems and other air supply systems not intended for building environmental (heating and ventilating) control
Vacuum systems
Movable classroom seating
Data and telephone systems
Wire, fiber optics and wireless media needed to support data and telephone systems
Window cleaning
Office carpet cleaning or hard floor refinishing
Building use outside of normal hours
Additional frequencies of service
Office move out detail cleaning

Billing Process

Account numbers

Our financial system mandates an account number for all work orders, regardless of funding coverage.

General funding

If your service is covered by general funding, we will change the account number according to the appropriate general fund account.

Other funding

If your service is not covered by the general fund, we will notify you accordingly.  You will have the opportunity to decline our service or move forward as planned on the account number of your choosing.

Reading your bill

Your bill can be accessed monthly for the longevity of a project. To read your bill

  1. Go to Customer Statements
  2. Provide an account number along with the start Billing Period From and end Billing Period To dates.
  3. Your screen will then display all project numbers and work orders that have charges billed to that account for that specific month.

Customer Service Bulletins

You can reference the table below for important dates corresponding to each billing period.

2018/06  06/09/18 6/20/18 6/25/18
2018/07   7/07/18 7/23/18 7/26/18
2018/08  8/05/18 8/22/18 8/27/18
2018/09  9/15/18 9/20/18 9/25/18
2018/10  10/13/18 10/23/18 10/26/18
2018/11  11/10/18 11/18/18 11/21/18
2018/12  12/08/18 12/18/18 12/21/18
2019/01 1/05/19 1/22/19 1/25/19
2019/02 2/02/19 2/19/19 2/22/19
2019/03 3/02/19 3/21/19 3/26/19
2019/04 4/13/19 4/22/19 4/25/19
2019/05 5/11/19 5/21/19 5/26/19
2019/06 6/08/19 6/20/19 6/25/19