Business College Complex construction

Business College Complex

Construction notice

What is being done?

This project involves demolition of the west wing while the remaining parts of the complex (North Business Complex and Eppley Center) will remain operational. When demolition is complete, the project team will erect the new 100,000 square foot Business College Pavilion in its place. The new pavilion will be a three-story structure including new pedestrian walkways to the Eppley Center and the North Business Complex. The new pavilion will include classrooms, teaching labs, program offices, career management offices and interview facilities, student interaction spaces, multi-purpose spaces and a variety of amenity spaces creating a new identity for the college. 

Why is this being done?

To provide a state of the art learning environment that supports new curriculum; fosters an ecosystem that uses technology and collaborative spaces to train future business leaders, including engagement of students with corporate executives, employers and alumni; and provides the appropriate quantity and quality of space in support of the College of Business programs.  

How will this impact building occupants?

There will be increased congestion in the area to accommodate construction vehicle traffic, and dust/noise typical of a project of this size.

Who can I contact for more information?

Tony Rhodes, project manager, at (517) 432-7104 or, or IPF at (517) 353-1760.